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Purity Redux: Fruition - Surprises, InuYasha Fan Fiction | MediaMiner


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  • And we're off! Great description of a shirtless Ben, I had such a vivid flash (I'm still smiling) and I find it funny that Ben is using one of Cain's excuses from when he was trying his damnedest not to pursue Gin. Well the time has come to pay the piper Benjiro, Charity is not 19 anymore. Thank you Sue.

  • Shirtless Ben ... You know, curious but true .. the less clothing he wears, the happier I become ...

  • O.o story comments end up in the forum ...? Why does that happen? I don't want that to happen ... :/

  • I was seeing people commenting on stories in the forum but just figured they were doing it on purpose, like a chat room or whatever. If not, then this is a very interesting glitch. Root? You listening?

  • Yeah, I'm not too pleased with this ... I like that I can respond to people so I don't mind THAT but ... yeah, I would prefer that they don't post to the forum -.-

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