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  • Thank you so much for your fictions... I felt genuine sadness a couple of times while reading previous chapters, but this chapter particularly resonated with me and helped me put into words emotions and sensations I had trouble fully defining before. At the beginning of this particular chapter, because of everything that happened before, because of the reader's intimacy with these characters, the longing is real, raw, and so is the ache. You have a gift for giving life to wholesome, touching, intensely attractive and endearing characters, and to capture their texture and innermost uniqueness. This story has really moved me more deeply than I could ever imagine. Both Vegeta and Bulma are amazing and extremely believable. And damn, you can write good smut... The shivers, the heat... I did stay wide-eyed more than once when I came across elegant renditions of some of my most cherished fantasies. With gratefulness, F from France

  • Ugh this made me tear up. All she ever did was love Vegeta and he jusT can't understand that. So annoying lol!

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