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This is a fic from a long time ago. Kagome is running from Kouga, her abusive boyfriend, and starts working in a bar. She rents the apartment above the bar, InuYasha living in the apartment next to hers. Kikyou has a drug problem, and Kagome eventually finds out her ex is a youkai.


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  • Damn...I almost want to say that sounds familiar, but I can't quite place it. Kikyou having a drug problem is throwing me off, so it might not be the one I'm remembering, but the rest sounds right. Is Inuyasha his hanyou self, choosing not to wear a concealment charm even though they exist, but he hides his ears and Kagome has no idea until she accidentally sees him in human form? And at one point he plays guitar and sings Cumbersome? I think that story has the word "Blue" in the title but I just did a search and couldn't find it, and I still don't know if I'm remembering the same story you're looking for or a different one. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

  • That's the one I was thinking of, yes! I remember there was a major issue with it being plagiarized so maybe the copy had 'blue' in the title. Thank you! Hey tsucasa, is that the story you were thinking of? It's the story that came to my mind from your description so hopefully it's the right one. Thank you again hootowl!

  •   There was a fanfiction in which Kagome went back to the modern era along with her friends from the feudal era.  Kagome never married.  Sango & Miroku's twins are now 13 years old.  Rin married Kohaku and had an infant son.  Sesshomaru was also working on he bone eater's well.  When they went through, Japan had went through some kind of catastrophy and Kagome's family had fled.  They ended up in a village in Canada.  one of the twins preferred the feudal era while the other preferred the modern era.   They ended up there because the u.s. closed its border and also there were a large number of refugees from Japan
  •  There was a fanfiction in which Kagome went back to the modern era along with her friends from the feudal era.  Sango & Miroku's twins were now 13 years old.  Rin was now married to Kohaku and had an infant son.  Sesshomaru had also been trying to repair the Bone Eater's Well.  Kagome had never married Inuyasha.  Instead she focused on being a miko.  They ended up in  a small town in Canada because the border was closed.  They were smuggled aboard a ship that took them from Japan.  Japan had went through a catastrophic crisis in which many people left the country.  I do not know if it was finished but I remember reading this partial story years ago.  
  • You don't need to post it twice, cshields3. If someone knows it, they'll answer you without having to do so.

  • It's not one I know, sorry.

  • there are several like that, you'll need to be more specific.

  • Oh, wow. Yes. It was Savvy.

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