Old stories deleted?

So, total blast from the past. I actually had published a fic quite some time ago with some small success on here. My writing took me elsewhere for a long time, but it's late and I'm bored...so I thought I'd come back here just to see if I've come very far at all...but even from my profile I can't seem to access the original story, nor the little work I had done on it's sequel. So...if a story is left untouched for awhile, does it get booted?


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  • Has it disappeared from https://www.mediaminer.org/fanfic/add_story.php ? Or do you simply mean that it's not showing by default on your bio or in a general search? If the latter is the case, try changing the FILTER settings. If your rating on your story(ies) is X, then they don't show by default without changing that in the filter.

  • I don't believe that older stories are deleted. I have a number that have been up over 10 years and they're fine. The only times, to my knowledge, that a story is removed is if the story violates TOS for the site, which is probably not the case for you. (I could be wrong, but the site does not, that I am aware of, auto-purge or anything like that.)

  • I concur. My oldest stories are 13 years old (and haven't been updated for 12 years) and are still right where they should be in My FanFics.

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