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Your feedback is highly appreciated on the new filters for the search of fanfics.
In case you haven't noticed, a few days ago, next to the search button, there's a filter button. You can now exclude fanfics by 2 different genres and/or types.
We also added filter by length and story complete or work in progress

We hope this will help you enjoy a better MediaMiner experience


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  • Personally, I would like to see additional filter options. Like I would like to be able to filter with the possibility of main characters of the fanfictions offered, merely to help with combing through the archives when looking for specific pairings.

  • That's a good idea. You can do that over on FF and I agree, I'd love to see that feature added here. Of course, it would also mean needing to add the feature of selecting the pairing when posting the story, so it'd involve more coding than merely adding to the search function, but if it can be done then I agree, I'd like to see that addition.

  • I actually have one issue with the search feature. When within a category of fiction, i.e. Inuyasha fanfiction, doing a search for a story title, in my opinion, should only search the Inuyasha category, but I get hits from every category. In addition, not even exact title matches are shown first. I'm not sure what algorithm is in place, but it should put exact title matches first, and then lesser matches with one or two matching words afterwards.

  • You are right, the text search should now give you only results of the anime you are in.

    Regarding the title match, it should work fine, but if not, you can always let us know


  • Thanks, I'll go test it right now and let you know.

  • now seems to put Inuyasha + whatever (crossover) first prior to JUST Inuyasha, which is fine since there aren't too many crossovers, and the exact title match (I used "The Lucky Ones") does come up as the first Inuyasha-only category match after the four...oh wait I take that back. There are three crossovers, but then the forth hit, or first hit only in the Inuyasha category and not additionally a second category, is "Lucky Charms", and then "The Lucky Ones" is next, below it, as the second or fifth hit, depending on your perspective. So it's still not doing exact match first and then similar match afterwards, hmmm... But I'm sure you have more important things to tweak, so address this when you have the time but it's not urgent. At least it does look like it's only giving me stories in the Inuyasha category, crossovers notwithstanding, so that's MUCH better than before where it was giving every fic from every category with a vaguely similar name. This is doable, so thank you. :-)

  • yup, I'll take a look once I get a chance

  • So I've noticed a bit of a problem with the search filter - if I search for something with filters, say over 5k words and completed, then for the first page it will return the correct search results. It will also correctly show me I'm on page say 1 of 45. However, should I click to go to the next page, using either the number or the arrow, the filters reset. Instead of page 2 of 45, I'm on page 2 of 148 and none of the filters are in use. Trying to put in the correct filters on the second page just returns the original search results on the first page. So realistically, using the filters only allows you to look at the first page of results with the filters intact.

    In case this was a browser problem I tried with Opera, Chrome, Firefox and Edge. It didn't make a difference.

  • I just tested this and I had partial similar results. I selected two genres in the Inuyasha category (genre 1 romance, genre 2 hentai) and fic type 1 as one-shot but I didn't bother with a fic type 2, rating y-x. No other filters. Upon hitting GO I get page 1 of 89, but when I click on page two, it becomes 2 of 54 (which was weird, how is it less?) but looking back in Filter I discovered genre 2 reset itself to unselected, so I lost all results in the hentai category and it was only giving me 'romance' one-shots. Definitely a glitch that needs to be fixed.

  • thanks for reporting this, should be ok now

  • Yup, it's working properly now. Thank you!

  • Is anyone else having a problem when selecting an author from your favorites list, but despite being logged in the rating filter is always set to A (G) and if I set it to another and hit go, I get EVERY search results in every category, instead of the author I initially selected?

    I literally have to set the rating filter, write the authors name manually and hit go.
    It's really frustrating.

    Why isn't it set by default to every rating? Like T->X? Or why is there no option to set a default rating for users who have logged in?
    Is this a problem strictly for Android or everything?

    I aak because I use an Android tablet.

  • It's pretty finicky, yes, I agree... I'd hope it could be fine-tuned to work better eventually.

  • The new search filter is intuitive and efficient, making it easier to find relevant results. Great addition!

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