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  • I love this story! I love Riku’s depth and insight, his thoughts and how he goes to find Sora. He needs to understand, and needs to know that Sora understands. He never wanted to take the mark of mastery from Sora and in some way he feels like he did that, feels as though Sora has every right to be angry or jealous, but that’s just not who Sora is. I freaking love everything here and think, that if you ever felt the inclination to, something similar could be done for Aqua when she’s trapped in the Dark World, the empty Cinderella castle that is barren but somehow not.

    And you know, I’ve seen all of the Kingdom Heart “movies” and I will say this—I do not understand all the Riku/Sora fics out there. There was never even an inkling of that kind of relationship between them or anything like that between Axel and Ven, either. Sigh, some people just can’t let males have healthy male friendships without adding some fairy dust to it.

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