Purity 10: Anomaly - Houseguest, InuYasha Fan Fiction | MediaMiner

Purity 10: Anomaly - Houseguest, InuYasha Fan Fiction | MediaMiner

Adjusting the garment bag over her arm and the shopping bags in her free hand, Madison raised her elbow to thump against the closed door.  A minute later, it opened, and Mikio stepped forward, clumsily taking the garment bag, before retreating to allow her to enter the penthouse.

"Thank God for dry cleaners," she quipped as she brushed past him.

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  • Go read Redux: Fruition ... I've been working on it instead ... side note I really dislike how comments here show up in the new forum -.-

  • I am DEFINITELY still reading this one. I have been reading your stories since Purity and love how you've expanded on the Inu-verse. Mikio and Madison are some of my favorites and I was very excited to learn that they may be meant for each other. I know you have a lot going on IRL right now and will greatly accept whatever you throw my way, whenever you are able to throw it for this story.

  • You're back!! Yes, please continue!! I've loved Mikio since the beginning and I really want to read his story! <3 I'm so excited. I'm about to re-read this now.

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