Need help! Looking for an InuYasha fanfic

I tried looking for a favorite fanfic of InuYasha to reread, but I can not remember the name of it at all! I tried looking through all my stuff (favorites' bar, etc) and can't find it. Here are some things that I remember about the story:

  • Set in the modern era (ie: no time travel)
  • Demons are enslaved for lack of a better term
  • InuYasha is an important figure in a company (I want to say CEO or something) and is posing as a human (still hanyou tho)
  • His human given name is Nuya
  • He hits Shippou with his car, which of course is the meeting between Kagome and InuYasha
  • Shippou still has his parents (One of which is name Aki...something)
  • InuYasha poses as his hanyou self, in reparations for hitting Shippou
  • I think if I remember correctly, Kouga is Naraku's son

I'm sure there's still some other stuff, and I'll try to add them as I remember them.


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