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Looking for an Inuyasha fanfic that i printed.

I printed out a fan fic when i was a teenager. Its called The love of art. The story is wonderful but unfortunately teenage me only printed out chapters 28 -40. 40 being the end. I cant find the story or the author at all. Any clues as to what might have happened?


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  • I've never heard of it, but if you have at least that much printed, have you tried doing a quotation-search just in Google for complete sentences from the fic? You might be able to find it on some archive or another that way. I've found a couple of fics myself that way in the past. If it doesn't come up even in Google with whole blocks of quoted text then I'm afraid that'll mean it's no longer on the Internet.

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    Was that angelstars? I read it to, and I'm thinking that the author was angelstars, but I could be wrong...

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