Im looking for 5 different fanfics as well

The first is 1 where kagome was raped by koga and is carrying his child and inuyasha cant seem to except it. I read up to the part where she tried to cut herself while listening to loud metal music and sesshy stopped her. I dont remember the name of that one.

Next is a story about inuyasha being put to sleep for a very long time and he becomes a very important figure in the modern era. He finds kagome, who doesnt remember him at first if im correct, blah blah blah kagome goes on birth control and nearly kills inuyasha by sitting him, they have twins and in the end both of the brothers have a set of twins and are caring for them with their mates.

The last is kagome gets shot in the head and inuyasha was the person that saved her. She loses her memory of him being an ass to her in school and eventually falls for her. She regains her memory and is terrified by him because he used to torture her and they end up together in the end.

Theres one more but the only thing it can remember about it is that inuyasha and kagome mate and they have marks on them. If they rub the marks it excites them sexually.

And one more about kagome being raped by koga and sesshomaru has to heal her butt by licking it and thwy end up sharing her for a time till sesh gets his own mate.

Sorry i added the last 2 at the end so i guess that makes 5 stories im looking for in total lol. I cant remember the names of them at all.

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