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  • I understand why the protagonist is considered a wimp by a lot of readers, even with Nebula's memories he had little fire in him.
    It's really frustrating to read someone both being treated and acting as a whipping boy.

    I'm hoping his new powers will actually turn him into a badass rather than an Extra that keeps getting beat down, such as being a dragon, but also have him learn blasty sorcerer stuff as comes natural to dragons, instead of just being cleric support.
    And definitely not any of that creepy genderbending stuff.

    I would have loved to see some serious anger and something resembling a spine from Grey.
    He should have discarded the Nebula card, forever forswearing Serenity after her actions. She both acted like a gigantic bitch and a terrible ruler.
    An UNJUST, capricious ruler is not one worth serving.

    I also wished he wouldn't be so starved for affection, or so willing to let the girls decide everything. He should have just ended the engagement, Ami seems terrible for him, she is running so hot and cold and so poor at communicating with him that it's obvious she isn't mature enough for anything like an engagement.

    I'm strongly shipping Setsuna, she is the only one of them not that doesn't seem particularly selfish, the other girls seem only interested in what he can do for Them.

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