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  • T_T waa! I'm so happy Cain finally remembered his mama! This is so touching on so many levels. Evan and Cain having a moment together was beautiful too! I love how your stories evolve with your characters and we get to see snippets of their lives like this. So many times characters in other stories are just "over and done with" after their main arc is done but you always bring us into their world and remind us why we love them. Great job Sue!

  • What a wonderful way for Cain to remember his parents and get his family together to see his childhood home. To discover that he got his artistic talent from his dad, and to make peace with Evan about their past...and to remember the waffle song. LOL Sue, I hope you never run out of ideas and fingers to write them down with.

  • I love it! It was the closure, or at least the start of it, that Cain needed. I love how Cain and Evan sit together at the end.
    I want to read MOAR!

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