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  • I'm so glad you're feeling up to working on this story again! I love how Caipora cares so much for Five. It's nice to see more of Five's personality as well. I feel so sorry for the other slave. A whole week ? Good thing he's Youkai I guess but damn. I've always loved how you provide each character with a full personality. It makes them feel so real and gives your readers a connection to them. Great job Sue :)

  • Oh my, I'm starting to wonder if Five is going to wind up being Ciapora's mate...that would be a disaster of epic proportions, he wouldn't even realize it yet, would he? That poor slave, altered like that then left to rot in isolation, when this comes to an end, I'm hoping that there is retribution in kind to the "masters"!

  • Ending up forced into a half-state that wasn't of his own choosing, at once both male and female, and having no control over the situation . . . I doubt it will be long after going to his new owner that that slave will find a way to end it all.

    Eduardo, seeing all of what he has from the recordings, from the normal day to day and watching how much further down the proverbial rabbit hole Diego has fallen . . . And there will come a time that he finds out about this slave, too. What's that old saying? Ah yes, the worst is yet to come.

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