Hello I am new here

Hello, I just joined the website. I am a new Fanfiction writer. My focus is on Sailor Moon. I have written 1 story so far. I use Grammarly to write with. I just need some proofreaders. Plus hopefully readers. I am doing my stories on Wordpress.


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  • You'll have more luck getting readers on AO3 or fanfiction than here.

  • I think it depends upon fandom, etc. There are plenty of readers, but the trouble is, often, people don't review on here as often as it tends to be a little confusing, and there are some issues with logging in (and staying logged in), as well.

  • Welcome to the website! We're glad to have you here and I wish you all the best in your writing journey. It's great that you are using Grammarly to help with your writing, but it's even better if you get someone else to take a look at your work and provide feedback. If you're looking for proofreaders, I suggest checking out the community forums where other writers can provide feedback on each other's work. I also recommend setting up a blog on Wordpress so you can easily share and promote your stories. Good luck!

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