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OK, so I used to be a frequent member here on mediaminer way back in the 2000s, at least mid 2000s, and I remember before the big site change or whatever happened to Mediaminer, there was a forum thread that explained all the categories for the stories and genres and whatnot like what divergence, vignette, and Au, etc all meant. So I was wondering if there's a page or thread that has all this information on it?


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    Songfic - fiction that uses lyrics of song(s) as the basis of the story.
    Self Insertion - fiction where the author inserts him/herself into the story as a character.
    Continuation - fiction that takes place directly after the original source material's ending in the same universe as the original source material.
    Crossover - fiction that combines characters/worlds of more than one original source material.
    Alternate Universe - fiction that takes the characters of the original source material and places them in a wholly different timeline in wholly different circumstances.
    Oneshot - fiction that takes place in one contained "chapter".
    Poetry - fiction that is entirely poetry, traditional or freeform.
    Divergence - fiction that begins at a certain point in the original source material but changes the ending of the original source material.
    Vignette - Drabbles (stories of exactly 100 words) must be labeled as "Vignette". Drabbles and Vignettes must be at least 100 words in length.
    Shoujo-ai - fiction featuring a romance or non-sexual relationship between two or more males, primarily intended for a female audience.
    Shounen-ai - fiction featuring a romance or non-sexual relationship between two or more females, primarily intended for a male audience.
    Yaoi - fiction featuring explicit romance/sex between two or more males.
    Yuri - fiction featuring explicit romance/sex between two or more females.
    Fanfiction Continuation - fiction that is a continuation of a pre-existing fanfiction.
    Other - fiction that does not really belong in any other category. (Please note: there are certain fictions not allowed on Media Miner in any capacity, including but not limited to interactive fics, chat fics, song fics where the ratio of lyrics to fic is grossly overwhelming. Other disallowed fic content can be found on the upload page.)

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