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Purity 10: Anomaly - Breathe, InuYasha Fan Fiction | MediaMiner

Mikio paced the floor behind the sofa as he flipped through the blue-backed pages of the contract.  He’d gone over them a couple days ago, and everything seemed to be in order.  All of the noted addendums had been added to the final draft, and it was ready to be signed and filed.  “Hai,” he replied, glancing over at the television.

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  • Good chapter. Lots of character development. This transgender part was moving. Reminds me of the tv show pose. Will there be any chapters with Takara in it? Mikio is her favorite right? And we never get to see much of her. I’d love to see a chapter where she spends time with him. Thanks for the chapter! Hope you get to it full time soon, I used to love reading regular chapter posts from you. Hope you’re safe and healthy. I’ve recovered btw <3

  • Thanks for updating! I find it refreshing that Madison is willing to go pursue Mikio.
    And Jazz's story is pretty heartbreaking. Thank you for the feels.

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