Fade and Flare - Chapter 18, InuYasha Fan Fiction | MediaMiner

Fade and Flare - Chapter 18, InuYasha Fan Fiction | MediaMiner

Why was it this difficult? The claws from his bare feet clicked against a bamboo hardwood floor, and Inuyasha stalked over to the patio door, pushing it open a crack while resisting the urge to hurl his notebook computer into the rooftop garden. He screamed into his bluetooth headset.

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  • I used to read Inuyasha fanfiction YEARS ago and recently got back into it. I rarely leave a comment (I'm trying to be better about
    that!) but the chapter I just read, #20, the one where Sango scares the living daylights out of Yuka...i have to say, out of any Inuyasha fanfiction I've ever read I found that to be the best characterization not to mention the most enjoyable characterization of Sango. I don't know why, I tend to not enjoy their parts in others' stories more often than not but I cant help but be glued to every page, regardless of who's the main character at the time. Fantastic writing and thank you for writing such a great, interesting, FUN story. I cant wait to keep reading!!! I've been bingjng this story for days now...i read until my eyes shut at night. Seriously, I'm hooked!! :)

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