Cannot view "all" ratings.

I just noticed that when I went to the Inuyasha category (and I'm sure it's doing the same thing in all categories) it's only showing me stories rated A - T. At first I thought I just wasn't logged in (it's always done this when not logged in and that makes perfect sense) but even while logged into my account it's still only showing me up to T rated stories, even after double checking in the filter settings that it was set to All (which it was) and hitting "Go" from within there to "search" for All stories. Still only A - T. I actually need to select a ratings ratio that includes up to X in order to see Y and X stories.


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  • I tested, too, and yeah, so basically everything with a more mature rating is gone out of the filters, and I don't think you should have to be logged in in order to see them, actually. There are a lot of people who came here to read stories even without accounts and now they can't at all ... Most of my stories are gone out of the filters. The ONLY way I can find them (because you can't even search them by title or author) is through my edit fictions page ...

  • We can still see more mature stories if we select a P-X, T-X or Y-X rating in Filter, but how many people just browsing the site would know to do that? And even if the default view were actually changed to A-T as some sort of parental filter, changing it to "All" should show, well, All, and it does not. And on top of that, A-T isn't the default; looking in the filter box it shows the default is still All, so something is definitely wrong here. Root?

  • I cannot find those options in the search, so not sure where you did lol

  • When you click on Filter, Rating is the third option down on the left.

  • Hi,
    yes, you can include the more mature ratings on the Filter section.

    The reason this was done, is because of the google advertisements, unfortunately the ads is what helps keep the site alive

  • If A-T needs to be the default because of a contractual agreement with Google for the ad banners, that's understandable, but then it should say it's A-T, and switching it to All should then still allow people to view All. Instead, All is acting like a second A-T, and the only way to see up to X rated stories is to lose the ability to see A rated ones. I mean, I guess it's not THAT big of a deal, provided people know the workaround, but some people who see that it's on All Ratings might not think to try a different setting and just wonder where all the other stories went.

  • You are right, I removed the All, to make it less confusing

  • Just noticed that. Yeah, removing "All" altogether eliminates the confusion. Thanks. :-)

  • is it going to be fixed so that we can see all?

  • I believe he is working on it, but you can change the "filter" to select a category for ratings that better suits your needs. Just click on the fandom you're searching, then click "Filter" and change the ratings there.

  • Is there a way to search all ratings? A-X

  • I don't believe so currently. I know that it was something root's been looking at, though.

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