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  • To be honest, when I started getting update notifications again, I was hoping Purity 10 was the priority (Madison is one of my favorites). But I'm fairly scatterbrained, and you have a LOT of stories, so when I couldn't recall one named Purity Redux, I assumed it was an older one I'd forgotten about. To my shock, it's new. And it's great, but no surprise there, since it's you. I don't review anywhere near as much as I should, so apologies for that. But be assured, it's not because I don't care. It's rather the opposite: between trying to catch up with all your new stuff, and going back to re-read the older stuff so the new stuff makes more sense to me, I tend to forget to tell you how much fun I'm having. Anyway, I'm very happy you've found inspiration, and just as important, enough time to work your magic again. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to remind myself why V was hiding in Evan's bushes...

  • I love this story as much as all the others. I'm so happy you're back to writing. What else can I say? This looks to be yet another masterpiece.

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