Looking For Old Magic Knight Rayearth Fic

I am trying to hunt down an old MKR fic that I read back in the day. At the time the story was incomplete and I wanted to know if it had been finished since then. I believed 'Toledo' was part of the author's username or something like it. Listed below are some of the major points that I remember:

  • Post MKR 2. Girls are back on Earth (and a couple of years older?). Hikaru still has the pendant Lantis gave her, wears it all the time, and seems to create a type of bond between them.

  • On her way to meet Umi and Fuu for a lunch date, Hikaru is caught in the crossfire of a robbery (or explosion) and sustains a severe head injury. Doctors are not optimistic about her survival.

  • Lantis can feel Hikaru fading through the bond, telling (argues with) Clef he is going to her. Opens a path and heads to Earth on his spirit steed.

  • Umi, Fuu, and Hikaru's brothers are all at the hospital. Oldest brother Satoru goes to check on Hikaru and finds his sister in the arms of an unknown man (Lantis) who teleports out of the room with her.

  • The Shidou boys are in an uproar and Umi and Fuu come clean about Cephiro once they hear the description of Hikaru's abductor.

  • Geo Metro, Zazu and the NSX are on earth restocking when Geo runs into Fuu's sister Kuu, who Geo takes an interest in. When Geo and Zazu hear about Hikaru's situation, they agree to take Umi, Kuu, Kuu, and Hikaru's brothers to Cephiro. The boy's reaction to Cephiro is funny.

  • Lantis was able to get Hikaru back to Cephiro in time to be healed of her injuries.

  • Sometime later in the story, Hikaru and Lantis do become lovers.

That is all that I remember of the story. I am hoping someone here still remembers it and can point me in the right direction of finding it.

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