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I just had it verified by about three different people that they are not receiving any email notices of updates or edits to existing chapters at all and haven't for months. Can this be fixed soon?


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  • I have not received notices since just after the old forum went down, so I was never able to report it then. I have not received notices since then, either, nor has anyone else that I am aware of. Considering this was the only site I posted to for years, you can understand my concern about this, and I do hope this is something that is fixed ASAP.

  • You beat me to it! I too can confirm that email notifications for updates from favorited authors is not working. I watched as a favorited author posted a new eight-chapter story one chapter at a time and never received a single email about it from the site. Root, this is a very serious problem as long time readers of the site who have walked away would probably not be back unless they receive an email telling them at long last a favorited author has posted a new story (or updated a preexisting one, at least letting them know there is activity) so this definitely needs to be fixed ASAP.

  • The last update email I can find in my email is dated 7/24/2015, if that helps ...

  • We de-activated the emails a while ago because to be compliant with anti spam laws we needed to have an unsubscribe link
    I saw your message on the other thread and today we worked on bringing the notification emails back, they should start firing tomorrow morning


  • That's fantastic! Thanks, root!

  • They are still not working as I deleted and added a chapter to a story and still go no notification today ... Any word?

  • notifications go out every day around 6am EST, and is sent to users that have fav your story or you as an author, let us know if tomorrow you didn't receive anything

  • When did that change as it was always send out upon updating or adding a chapter or story... That's more of a daily digest feature, not the regular notifications.

  • I say this only because I know that my readers would often times wait for the emails letting them know the minute I updated, so I do think it was something really important to many of them. I myself get my own notifications because I have a pseudonym that I subscribed to my main account for the express purpose of being aware if the emails were working or not.

  • we had to change it because it was bad for performance to send them right away

  • I see ... interestingly, I just got the email notification of the story being updated lol ...

  • I just checked the email account I use for MM and have received update notification emails as well. Yay! I don't know enough about computer servers to understand why storing the update information for a scheduled release time on a daily basis is any easier than shooting them out right away, but shrugs, daily morning notifications of whatever's been updated is definitely better than no notifications at all!

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