Blasting From the Past

I was thinking about the old days last night, and I don't know why I decided to pop back on here. Just to say hi and be like, ey, I'm still alive and in fandom. You'll notice that this account is spanking new. I'm locked out of my old one because the email associated to it is long dead and lmao I tried several older passwords but alas. Anyway, this is my real head. Glad to see an attempt to revive this site and hopefully its community again.

I doubt I'll be posting here as an author again given my more recent fandom pursuits. Kinda gotten away from anime a lot, but who knows. Only time will tell the direction this site's rebirth will take, and if it remains primarily focused on anime fandoms that's fine too. Follow your truth and all that rot. As for me, I can be found on tumblr these days. I got sucked into the role-play community (basically round robin style writing with other writers, whereas blog admins write from a certain character's pov, for the uninitiated by the concept. XD Idek, I'd never encountered it before tumblr, likely because I wasn't looking for it because it's apparently quite the thing elsewhere. What can I say? i've always lived a bit under a rock, haven't I?)

Anyway, guess I'm just posting this for those who care, if anyone has been wondering where that Iggy chick went, although I suppose that's a rather arrogant consideration given I was never a BNA. Respected maybe, but never more than that, and even that's questionable given I'm sure I said some idiotic things back in the day. I could be an asshole, I know. XD Feel free to message me if you want to catch up or just chat me up in this thread. Or let it drop like a stone. Whatever works y'all. Love you all if I never post here again.


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