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The Coyote Child - Chapter Seventeen, InuYasha Fan Fiction | MediaMiner

The Coyote Child - Chapter Seventeen, InuYasha Fan Fiction | MediaMiner

            Yukio had known that his and his father’s hearing was excellent, but he hadn’t realized how sensitive it was until he was out in the desert with little or no noise pollution to muffle his senses. He knew he heard the chopper, but it was several minutes before he was able to lay eyes on it, and by the time it was fully in view, the sun had risen completely.

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  • I so thought that you had given up on such a wonderful story. I sincerely hope that you can complete this great fic. I am in the midst of re-reading "The Lucky Ones" and love it just as much now and every time I read it, as when you first started posting...

  • Odd how things change with all the time that's passed. During the aughts, there was an economic recession, and we have all these stories about wealth, just like they did in the 1930s.

  • Terri, it is wonderful to see your voice again, i am so happy you have gotten past your involuntery inability to express yourself. Thank you for posting.

  • Thank you for this beautiful fic! You have such a way with words, I hope you are able to continue writing.

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