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  • I already answered this question.
  • One of these days I should start posting on that site. I nabbed my user name so nobody else could pretend to be me, at least.
  • I don't even know what you're talking about. Download a story? There's no "download this story" button, so were you trying to snatch stories off the site via some nefarious means? Just read the stories online like you're supposed to.
  • I'm sorry to say there actually is no fan art section of MediaMiner anymore, although when there was one, it was free. But DeviantArt is also free (for a basic account, at least), so as long as they are actually your pictures you can post them there…
  • Hello! I'm afraid I'm unfamiliar with your work as I pretty much just live in the Inuyasha corner of this website, but I'm hopeful some of your readers have found or will find this message. I'm sure it's appreciated. It's always nice to know when so…
  • You're welcome! And I know what you mean. I mean hell, real life happens, but you should still try, or at least post an a/n apologizing, which a lot of people actually do, and then I can forgive that, if they at least give us an explanation instead …
  • I haven't thought about that story in YEARS! Don't know why it didn't pop up when I did a search for it within mediaminer but I found it in a Google search. The story has 32 chapters, but is not finished, and hasn't been updated for seven years. The…
  • Mediaminer was, is, and will always be my "home" site where I post all of my stories, even though I post on other fanfiction sites too now.
  • Yup, it's working properly now. Thank you!
  • Just noticed that. Yeah, removing "All" altogether eliminates the confusion. Thanks. :-)
  • Makes sense, trying to avoid spam I mean. Since we no longer need a separate account for the forum (I'm glad you changed that) and within the forum there's the in-site private messaging now, I think that's fine. When you have time you should probabl…
  • I just tested this and I had partial similar results. I selected two genres in the Inuyasha category (genre 1 romance, genre 2 hentai) and fic type 1 as one-shot but I didn't bother with a fic type 2, rating y-x. No other filters. Upon hitting GO I …
  • I tried to just see if I could email you through the site, to see if that's still working, but under your profile the "Email" column, which is still there, is blank. I just checked mine and it's blank, too, so I guess emailing each other through the…
  • If A-T needs to be the default because of a contractual agreement with Google for the ad banners, that's understandable, but then it should say it's A-T, and switching it to All should then still allow people to view All. Instead, All is acting like…
  • Welcome back! The more the merrier! :-)
  • When you click on Filter, Rating is the third option down on the left.
  • We can still see more mature stories if we select a P-X, T-X or Y-X rating in Filter, but how many people just browsing the site would know to do that? And even if the default view were actually changed to A-T as some sort of parental filter, changi…
  • Sorry, I've been derelict in my duties as far as checking these boards on a regular basis. But welcome to Media Miner! If you have any questions about the site please don't hesitate to ask.
  • Welcome!
  • I was seeing people commenting on stories in the forum but just figured they were doing it on purpose, like a chat room or whatever. If not, then this is a very interesting glitch. Root? You listening?
  • There's never enough time in the day. I literally have over 200 more story ideas waiting to be written, some one-shot, some multi-chapter, both canon and AU. I think it might be time to revisit the idea of seeing which remaining canon ideas can be g…
  • bows in submission We're not worthy! We're not worthy! LOL.
  • Yay, more people! Yup, we are resurrected from the dead. Bwahahahaha!
  • Daaaaaaaaammmnn... Good job!
  • Good for you! I'm sitting at 99 so I'll be there soon!
  • I concur. While I was never personally hassled, an in-site PM is much better. Also, Aarzoo, I had forgotten I'd written my original reply to you when we later discovered that email notifications hadn't been working at the time, so just in case you h…
  • I just checked the email account I use for MM and have received update notification emails as well. Yay! I don't know enough about computer servers to understand why storing the update information for a scheduled release time on a daily basis is any…
  • Please do! :-)
    in Hello? Comment by SplendentGoddess May 5
  • Probably not too many people have noticed the forums are back yet, but hopefully that'll change. It's good to see familiar (proverbial) faces!
    in Hello? Comment by SplendentGoddess May 4
  • You beat me to it! I too can confirm that email notifications for updates from favorited authors is not working. I watched as a favorited author posted a new eight-chapter story one chapter at a time and never received a single email about it from t…