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  • Shirtless Ben ... You know, curious but true .. the less clothing he wears, the happier I become ...
  • I'm just lazy. It is me. I own it. I possess it. I love it. (Okay, I don't love it, but I AM lazy ... LOL)
    in 100 Fics! Comment by Sueric May 2017
  • Just tried editing in the online editor and then uploading an edited chapter, and both resulted in errors: Error 403 - Forbidden You don't have permission to access the requested resource. Please contact the web site owner for further assistance.
  • I'd have more. If I wasn't lazy ... and if I stopped crocheting, too ... LOL!!!
    in 100 Fics! Comment by Sueric May 2017
  • If I went by CHAPTER count, I'd have y'all beat LOLOL!!
    in 100 Fics! Comment by Sueric May 2017
  • Okay, I lied. Any kind of edit to the chapter is producing forbidden error. I can't even upload a file to replace the chapter at all. I can upload a new chapter but if I want to edit a chapter, it seems I'd have to actually delete the chapter and…
  • I see ... interestingly, I just got the email notification of the story being updated lol ...
  • I say this only because I know that my readers would often times wait for the emails letting them know the minute I updated, so I do think it was something really important to many of them. I myself get my own notifications because I have a pseudon…
  • When did that change as it was always send out upon updating or adding a chapter or story... That's more of a daily digest feature, not the regular notifications.
  • They are still not working as I deleted and added a chapter to a story and still go no notification today ... Any word?
  • Thanks for that, too, root ... I cannot speak for everyone, but I used to get hit pretty hard by some really horrible 'email author' stuff... -.-
  • That's fantastic! Thanks, root!
  • The last update email I can find in my email is dated 7/24/2015, if that helps ...
  • I have not received notices since just after the old forum went down, so I was never able to report it then. I have not received notices since then, either, nor has anyone else that I am aware of. Considering this was the only site I posted to for…
  • I don't know if you have any of mine on faves or not (and I'm not asking lol) but I just figured you did get a notice if you were as I just edited the chapter you reviewed then upped a new chap yesterday. It's odd in that the chapter has only gotte…
    in Hello? Comment by Sueric April 2017
  • Yep, got that LOL (thank you!) ... I used to use the notifications just to know in case people asked about them. I just wanted to make sure that emails were going out when someone updated and the like.
    in Hello? Comment by Sueric April 2017
  • Hello ... not about that, but wondering if the email notifications are working? I used to get them when I'd up or edit a chapter and I edited one earlier and never got one, so I really was curious.
    in Hello? Comment by Sueric April 2017