This is actually back?



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  • I am really very happy that it is back! I still see the fall off of my readers but I am happy this site is getting updated. It has always been my favorite fan fiction site.

  • thank you, your support means a lot to us. We are working to bring some changes to the site, bring the mm community back toguether

  • Yay! Soooo glad the forums are back!

  • now we just have to bring the people in, so it doesn;t look like a ghost town ... btw, if you have ideas for new categories, just le me know and I'll create them

  • Hi all... wow, I haven't been to this site in years. If it's getting active again, Tumblr is a good place to let fans know. ^_^

  • I recommend making a specific category dedicated to reporting site glitches and bugs, in an effort to hopefully limit the number of random new threads people will inevitably create when they come across and want to report a problem.

  • Thanks, I just added a couple of categories for that.

    regarding Tumblr is the second time i hear that suggestion and is right on. The problem is that we are not very familiar with it over here. I noticed there are quite a number of blogs on Inuyasha, our most popular, if someone knows the people that own some of these blogs, it'll be cool to get in contact with them

  • Hello ... not about that, but wondering if the email notifications are working? I used to get them when I'd up or edit a chapter and I edited one earlier and never got one, so I really was curious.

  • Hmm...I just edited the summary of one of my stories real quick as a test to see if I would get the notification and I didn't get one either. The last email notification received was twenty days ago, regarding a new review to a story. I'm trying to remember if I received notifications when I uploaded/edited my latest few stories but I don't think I did, come to think of it. Maybe we just no longer receive notifications for our own uploads and edits? Root, can you confirm?

  • Sueric, I just left you a review on Desideratum. Now we can see if you receive that email notification or not. But I just realized that I haven't been receiving notifications for a favorited author who's been posting a new story one chapter at a time. So even if review notifications are working we've still got a problem.

  • Yep, got that LOL (thank you!) ... I used to use the notifications just to know in case people asked about them. I just wanted to make sure that emails were going out when someone updated and the like.

  • You're welcome! ;-) At least we know notifications for story reviews are working. It actually does look like we might have a problem when it comes to new uploads and edits, though, because like I said I haven't been receiving emails notifying me that a favorited author posted a new story. Root, can you look into this please?

  • I don't know if you have any of mine on faves or not (and I'm not asking lol) but I just figured you did get a notice if you were as I just edited the chapter you reviewed then upped a new chap yesterday. It's odd in that the chapter has only gotten 20 views in nearly 24 hours (which yes, is odd for me, just saying), so yeah, are the email notifications going out?

  • I actually thought I had you in my favorites but discovered I did not, for whatever reason, and added you. But King Baka just posted a new story called Side Effects and that's the one I was referring to, that I never received notices for. Double checking, he was indeed in my favorites list at the time and I so should have gotten them. Come to think of it, I don't think I've received any emails from MM aside from review notifications for a very long time. I guess I had just chalked it up to MM being so much slower these days. Root might not be checking this thread anymore since he made a separate category for reporting site bugs, so I'll go post a message about it over there.

  • Wow! People are replying!

  • Probably not too many people have noticed the forums are back yet, but hopefully that'll change. It's good to see familiar (proverbial) faces!

  • I can tell Six and Shane.

  • Yo. Mac here, I just couldn't remember my Lady Macbeth password. Good to see y'all again. :3

  • Holy crap, it's not dead.

  • Yay, more people! Yup, we are resurrected from the dead. Bwahahahaha!

  • Sorry, I've been derelict in my duties as far as checking these boards on a regular basis. But welcome to Media Miner! If you have any questions about the site please don't hesitate to ask.

  • I am back as well, I posted a story in the archives that took me sometime to edit and clean up. I will be posting more in this story soon.

    I am so glad to be back here.

  • Welcome back! The more the merrier! :-)

  • I'm shocked people still come here. This website is so old school. I really love it. It reminds me of being in elementary school, watching Naruto and soaring through old websites like these on my old huge computer. I guess there are still people in 2017 who still come here and that's amazing.

  • Mediaminer was, is, and will always be my "home" site where I post all of my stories, even though I post on other fanfiction sites too now.

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