• Hi. I'm hunting down a story.. The author left a link for it leading to this site quite a few years ago.. It doesn't seem to exist?? Is there ANY way I can find out what happened or where it went? Here is the link www.mediaminer.org/fanfic/view_?id=154656&cid=541079&submit=View the name of the fic is Uke. Please say it's still here.. The first 14 chapters I devoured! Supposedly there are like 20 more to go!! Here..

  • I haven't thought about that story in YEARS! Don't know why it didn't pop up when I did a search for it within mediaminer but I found it in a Google search. The story has 32 chapters, but is not finished, and hasn't been updated for seven years. The author is still alive, though. Found TwistedHilarity's Live Journal, which was last updated two months ago. Hopefully the story will be continued one day, but in the meantime, here's the bit you were looking for:

  • Thank you sooooo much!!! I found her also on a site where you subscribe for a fee to read the writers works! It sounds like a GREAT career starter! I would actually like to try my hand there myself, before I perfect my Japanese and head to Japan to try to write there! (my ultimate dream) I felt like I didn't want to subscribe there however, mostly because I do not understand how someone can put SO MUCH into a work like that, and just up and abandon it for something else. Without any feeling of responsibility to the reader. I have a self imposed deadline where I write. I have been 4 minutes late once and I was in TEARS. My readers are important to me and I NEVER want to let them down. I won't support a writer who has no loyalty to their audience. Sad..

  • You're welcome! And I know what you mean. I mean hell, real life happens, but you should still try, or at least post an a/n apologizing, which a lot of people actually do, and then I can forgive that, if they at least give us an explanation instead of totally just disappearing without word like they don't even care, like you said. I've learned the hard way NEVER to do a live update type of story, LOL! Took me two years to complete Mating Season, and because we were trying to move towards the end there my weekly updates gradually became monthly updates, and I think the last two chapters took two months each, but I was gushing with apologies and seriously busting my butt to find writing time in and around the craziness that is buying/selling a home and moving. Never again though, never EVER again! I just write my fics offline and post them once they're finished. I don't feel nearly as bad about having ten-year-old half-finished projects when I'm the only one who knows about them, LOL.

  • hey I have some ideas

  • The website is still alive! O:

  • It is! I haven't checked the forums in forever (my bad) but the site is still alive and kicking, and so am I!

  • This is the first I've seen of it. Fanfiction.net is my "home" site for posting stories, but I thought I'd drop in and get my latest one, Kaiba's Prostitute, uploaded here.

  • Wow.... I've missed out on a lot. But I'm glad I'm back.

  • Hi. I'm new. Um, how do I post a story? Thank you.

  • What are you having trouble with exactly, Coach Michaels?

  • Hey I write stories

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