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  • Hi. I'm hunting down a story.. The author left a link for it leading to this site quite a few years ago.. It doesn't seem to exist?? Is there ANY way I can find out what happened or where it went? Here is the link the name of the fic is Uke. Please say it's still here.. The first 14 chapters I devoured! Supposedly there are like 20 more to go!! Here..

  • I haven't thought about that story in YEARS! Don't know why it didn't pop up when I did a search for it within mediaminer but I found it in a Google search. The story has 32 chapters, but is not finished, and hasn't been updated for seven years. The author is still alive, though. Found TwistedHilarity's Live Journal, which was last updated two months ago. Hopefully the story will be continued one day, but in the meantime, here's the bit you were looking for:

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