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The Lucky Ones - Epilogue, InuYasha Fan Fiction | MediaMiner

A/N: To everyone who has followed LO: Thank you so much for your many many many reviews. I have really enjoyed writing Lucky Ones. I will probably write a couple of one-shots in the LO universe so be sure to check back every now and then, although it probably won't be for a couple of months at least.

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  • WOW! I know it's been a while since you wrote this, but, I have to say that it's INCREDIBLE!
    The storyline is so intricate and carefully planned and I love how everyone [that mattered] got their happy end...
    Just for the sake of curiousity, you wouldn't happen to have a side-story or a one-shot about Miroku and Ayumi, would you?
    I TOTALLY fell in love with that couple, and I'd LOVE to read their story. The hardships they go through, the decision to mate and wed, Ayumi, maybe, slowly relaxing her traditional mindset and learning to love and live with an inu-hanyou boyfriend, lover, mate, husband, whatever they become, the possibility of children and an elongated life-span, MAYBE introducing Miroku's half siblings and a reconciliation or death of his birth mother etc. The possibility of a sequel from either Ayumi's or Miroku's perspective would make me incredibly happy!
    Anyway, THANK YOU for publishing this amazing story, and I hope that you continue to write whatever your heart desires and your mind thinks up.
    May creativity continually inspire you,
    your loyal fan (is that a thing?)

  • Hello my friend! After mini years and many rereads my paperback copy finally fell apart. Anyway I can get a new copy?

  • One of my favorite fanfics of ALL TIME! I cant get enough of it!!!

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