Can we still e-mail others?

Can we still e-mail other writers?


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  • I tried to just see if I could email you through the site, to see if that's still working, but under your profile the "Email" column, which is still there, is blank. I just checked mine and it's blank, too, so I guess emailing each other through the profile is gone. I need to go add my email address to my profile text, then...

  • yes, we disable it, cuz it could be used to send spam emails

    members can contact each other via internal messages in the forum

  • Makes sense, trying to avoid spam I mean. Since we no longer need a separate account for the forum (I'm glad you changed that) and within the forum there's the in-site private messaging now, I think that's fine. When you have time you should probably include a 'send message' button within member profiles that links to the the in-site messaging, just for convenience, but something like that is certainly not urgent.

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