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  • @Sueric can you pls post the link of the story with the issue? thanks,
  • You are right, I removed the All, to make it less confusing
  • thanks for reporting this, should be ok now
  • yes, we disable it, cuz it could be used to send spam emails members can contact each other via internal messages in the forum
  • Hi, yes, you can include the more mature ratings on the Filter section. The reason this was done, is because of the google advertisements, unfortunately the ads is what helps keep the site alive
  • There was a server update that may have caused this issue. It should be ok now, but this error doesn't happen all the time, so please confirm if it works for you thanks,
  • thanks for reporting, we are going to check and let you know
  • I don't quite understand, are you having problems with the add/edit chapters?
  • we had to change it because it was bad for performance to send them right away
  • notifications go out every day around 6am EST, and is sent to users that have fav your story or you as an author, let us know if tomorrow you didn't receive anything
  • @SplendentGoddess thanks a lot, you are the best. btw, we de-activated the Email Fan Fiction Author, not sure how much it was used, but it could help to encourage spam. We need to figure a different way for people to contact each other. This forum…
  • We de-activated the emails a while ago because to be compliant with anti spam laws we needed to have an unsubscribe link I saw your message on the other thread and today we worked on bringing the notification emails back, they should start firing t…
  • yup, I'll take a look once I get a chance
  • Thanks, I just added a couple of categories for that. regarding Tumblr is the second time i hear that suggestion and is right on. The problem is that we are not very familiar with it over here. I noticed there are quite a number of blogs on Inuyash…
    in Hello? Comment by root April 2017
  • You are right, the text search should now give you only results of the anime you are in. Regarding the title match, it should work fine, but if not, you can always let us know thanks,
  • now we just have to bring the people in, so it doesn;t look like a ghost town ... btw, if you have ideas for new categories, just le me know and I'll create them
    in Hello? Comment by root April 2017
  • thank you, your support means a lot to us. We are working to bring some changes to the site, bring the mm community back toguether
    in Hello? Comment by root April 2017
  • thanks for advising us about this, could you pls try again?